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  Shoulder and Hip Streches

To all my current, past, and future clients: it is a pleasure and privilege to meet and work with you. Here is some of the feedback I have received:

• Phil is an amazing body worker. I always enter a completely blissed out state every time I have a treatment with him. He is so very kind, intuitive, sensitive and talented. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for deeply therapeutic work. I've been seeing Phil for massage for years, but also experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu with him most recently and it was very healing and meditative. Phil is also affordable and accommodating to people's needs.
Kristin McGee, Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Expert, New York, NY

• I know how grateful I am when I get a good massage recommendation so I wanted to pass on how great I think Phil Verges is. I initially found him on Park Slope Parents. He gives a great PSP members discount but what really caught my eye is that he does massage as well as Jin Shin Jyutsu, something I had never heard of before but found intriguing given the chronic issues I was having. Phil is by far one of the best massage therapist I've been to and I've been to many. He is super in tune to your muscle aches and trigger points. It's hard to describe the Jin Shin Jyutsu other than to say I'm so relaxed and centered after a session with Phil - all tension just melts away.
Riva, Brooklyn, NY

• There are very few massage therapists I trust. Phil was able to hone in on exactly where my stressor points were during my massage to resolve the tension I was feeling without causing me discomfort. The pressure Phil applied was effective without being overbearing. He also gave me very helpful pointers afterwards that I could use daily to avoid developing more knots in the same places he massaged. Something as simple as not wearing a belt has helped tremendously. I believe anybody who comes to Phil is in good hands.
Noelle, Fitness A Way of Life, Brooklyn, NY

• I highly recommend Phil Verges. He's the most competent massage therapist out there. I went to him for back/neck/shoulder issues relating to carrying/wearing a heavy baby and he resolved them all. Phil takes the time to evaluate your problem/ discomfort and is careful not to use too much pressure, but enough to really resolve the problem, he's very good about listening to my needs. He's also very knowledgeable about anatomy/alignment/physiology.
I would put him much more on the medical/physical therapist end of the spectrum. It's not so much a spa experience massage, though I find it much more relaxing and effective.

Jessica, Brooklyn, NY

• As a former dancer, I've had lots of massages. Phil's was one of the best ever! I used to have issues with being ticklish, but not this time.
Amy, Providence, RI

• Phil's skills are amazing. After a long day at work as an executive I can immediately relax. I highly recommend him to everyone who needs to feel good.
Thorsten, New York, NY

• I've been working with Phil for two years now, and he is the most intuitive massage therapist I've ever met.
He's helped me tremendously in overcoming pain from a martial-arts-related neck injury, and from the daily strain and tension of dragging a heavy laptop and briefcase around on my shoulders.

Diane, San Francisco, CA

Jin Shin Jyutsu®
• Phil is one of the few practitioners I trust for my own healthcare. I feel amazing and rejuvenated after each session and it keeps me going to help me help my clients. His sessions are such a treat! Phil offers gentle yet deep healing work.

Laura Mitchell, Remarkable Wellness, New York, NY

• Phil's work transcends massage and body work. Every time I have a session with Phil I come out of it feeling re-calibrated and balanced.
Over the summer I injured my neck and could not move without JOLTING pain. Phil worked on me for an hour or so and not only did the pain go away but i was able to move and go about my day. Remarkable!
Our family trusts that we are in good hands with Phil. Highly Recommended!

Efrain, Brooklyn, NY

• My recent travels to NYC allowed me to receive a magnificent Jin Shin Jyutsu appointment from Phil. As one knows, traveling can be stressful. Also, I'm currently recovering from a structural injury. When I left Phil's office, I was completely integrated, calm and supercharged. I had no pain and no stress. Indeed, this outstanding treatment was the catalyst for me to excel for the remainder of my business trip.
Betsey (Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner), Scottsdale, AZ

• Phil's Jin Shin Jyutsu work is integral to my healing regimen. Phil's gentle, attentive manner and precise intuition helped me to locate and address a possible developing health condition.
I now have a very practical way to intervene in my health condition, and prevent a simple genetic predisposition from developing into anything else.
Thank you Phil for that improved sense of self connection, wellbeing and awareness that results from your work.

Sarah, Brooklyn, NY

• Working in partnership with Phil using Jin Shin Jyutsu has been a very productive experience. Every session is unique. He takes the time to communicate with my body, meets it where it is on that day and proceeds from there. I can literally feel the tension leave my body and the positive energy surge back in.
I leave feeling balanced, grounded and centered. He has also given me Self-Help exercises I can practice at home which allows me to explore Jin Shin Jyutsu on my own.
I highly recommend working with Phil to experience this healing yourself.
Charlotte, Brooklyn, NY

• Jin Shin Jyutsu felt like acupunture without the needles!
Catherine, New York, NY

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